How to subscribe

Subscribe to the adults-only network if you want to download : Otherwise, you’ll just be able to browse.

By subscribing, you will also have unlimited access to these sister sites :

° Erotic4u : the mothership of all adults-only websites, dedicated to softcore clips and celebrity nudes
° Clips4us : a message board for all members to talk & share content
° TheSoftcore : full softcore movies and series
° XXX Movies Blog : full modern XXX movies
° DevilWorks : over 54 terabytes of archived content !

…and many others !

Then, there are 2 options, depending on how long ago the original clip was uploaded to the main server :

1) Right-click on the “DOWNLOAD HERE” text below the thumbails and “Save as”. This means the clip is still hosted on the main server. This allows for download managers.

2) If the download comes up as a html document, that means the clip has migrated to a secondary server. In that case, left-click on “DOWNLOAD HERE”, a new page opens and follow the link to download the file. This does not allow for download managers.

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