About Yesterporn & how to subscribe/download

Yesterporn is part of the www.adults-only.com network of sites, a network that is the child of www.erotic4u.com and its webmaster, Janus.

I’ve been a member of www.erotic4u.com ever since I had my first Internet connection, at a time when it could take 5 minutes to load an image, 1 hour to download a 320×240 clip and 8 hours to upload a clip. Things have changed, but my love for erotica has not. As production of quality erotica came to halt circa 2008, I came back to my teenage memories of 80’s & 90’s porn for comfort. I grew up with Lauryl Canyon, Ebony Ayes & Ray Victory.

This blog is an archive of movie rips I (mostly) found on the web & cut into clips. The Internet is a different place now and it’s never been easier to find porn, though VHS rips are a rarer breed. Because of this and because I haven’t ripped most of these, quality will vary from mediocre to very fine.

Hosting is not cheap either, and some of the older clips may suddenly become unavailable, for which I apologize.

Subscribe to the adults-only network if you want to download :
https://www.adults-only.com/. Otherwise, you’ll just be able to browse.

By subscribing, you will also have unlimited access to these sister sites :

° Erotic4u : the mothership of all adults-only websites, dedicated to softcore clips and celebrity nudes
° Clips4us : a message board for all members to talk & share content
° TheSoftcore : full softcore movies and series
° XXX Movies Blog : full modern XXX movies
° DevilWorks : over 54 terabytes of archived content !

…and many others !

Then, if the clip is still available, there are 2 options, depending on how long ago it was uploaded :

1) Right-click on the “DOWNLOAD HERE” text below the thumbails and “Save as”. This means the clip is still hosted on the main server. This allows for download managers.

2) If the download comes up as a html document, that means the clip has migrated to a secondary server. In that case, it has been converted to .webm format, a streaming format I advise using VLC player for, a player compatible for both Windows and iOs systems. Left-click on “DOWNLOAD HERE”, a new page opens and follow the link to stream the file. This does not allow for download managers.