Report dead links here

Please report dead links here. The files will be removed immediately.

update 08/2022 : I’ve deleted all dead posts and am currently replacing them. There should be none left, so please report the few I could have missed.

6 thoughts on “Report dead links here

    1. Can you send me the screenshots of the scenes to Lust in Bloom? I can try to find the movie for you. I attempted to go your Lust in Bloom screenshots page is dead also.


      1. I’ve reactivated Lust in Bloom and Black Bun Busters temporarily. If you can find working links online, I’m game to create new clips. So far, a quick Bing search turned up zilch.

        1. Sorry about that. I read your note. I was out of town. If you can reactive them again I can quickly go look. I’ll definitely get you new links I come across or any others you might need help finding.

          1. I thought I’d reactivated them…and now they’ve completely disappeared. I’ll keep them in mind though.

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