6 thoughts on “Pepper Hinds & Steve Douglas – “Centerfold Celebrities”

  1. I have been looking for this title for so long,now i have found it.i have try all my best to gain excess by using my only gmail and passwords but always dissapointed. Please somebody help me please.

      1. Not at this moment, sir.I have computer inexperience but i keep trying and very sorry for applying wrong procedure everytime but i really want to download the above video title .I have no credit card or whatsoever only pay cash.If allowed,please help and tell me what to do step by step.Thanks for your kind

        1. You might be SOL in finding a place to download it for free. I bought a dvd copy of it from Excalibur Films for $10, but you’ll need a credit/debit card. I highly recommend it, as the whole video is smoking hot. This is the best scene, but every scene is good. They always alluring Cody Nicole cranks out a great boy/girl scene with Tom Byron, and a sizzling girl/girl scene with gorgeous Laurie Smith. Just buy a prepaid debit card and order it.

  2. My dad had a VHS copy of the video with this scene in it that I discovered when I was around 11. This was the first porn scene I ever saw. It sure set the bar high, because this is still one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen. Too bad this was the last scene Pepper ever filmed. Can’t say I blame her, though. Steve Douglas really laid into her and wrecked her asshole good with his enormous cock.

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